Dating through facebook

“Had she just come over to the bar a little sooner,” said Dowell-Vest, a filmmaker and writer.

Laura Olin and James Hupp, both 32, met on Twitter.

One day several years ago, Hupp tweeted that he was looking for a good D. political movie that wasn’t “All the President’s Men.” Olin replied, suggesting “The More the Merrier,” a comedy from 1943. “He cares about real things; he observes little things about the world that make you want to hug him through the internet.

One day on the subway you catch yourself looking at the young men in the train car and wondering if you’d recognize him if, somehow, one of them was him.” Their online courtship was long and halting.

“Dating profiles are a one-time snapshot of what they want you to think of them,” said Alexander, who didn’t have any luck on dating sites because she “met crazy people on them — literally crazy people.” And Hall, the University of Kansas researcher, said dating profiles have a way of limiting choices. Your entire world collapsed.” Finally, someone else chimed in: “This was just fun to read thanks ladies.” And then there is the research showing the potential drawback of social network use in relationships, particularly just-formed ones.

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Terésa Dowell-Vest and Michelle Alexander fell in love through a status update.

“Our #lovestory began in 140 characters on Twitter with the flick of a retweet,” the couple wrote in an online compilation of the tweets.

As if they were on a strip of bars in a college town, potential lovers are finding each other on just about every online gathering place.

“You’re looking at very narrow criteria like physical appearance and age. You get an accurate impression.” But there are downsides, too. Why did we ALL want that dag gone TRAPPER KEEPER???!!! Why did my wife check in at one place when she said she was going somewhere else?

For starters, social network flirters must be comfortable wooing in public. “ Alexander: “They were awesome to keep our sticker collection safe. “Individuals who are on Facebook may often be indirectly neglecting their partner, directly neglecting their partner by communication with former partners, and developing Facebook-related jealousy or constant partner monitoring, which may lead to future relationship conflict or separation,” according to one study.

Searching Twitter for the phrase “found my boyfriend on (insert social network)” turns up stories of love found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; an app called Tinder, which links people by location; and even Bitstrips, a social network where users draw themselves in comic strips.

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