Dating two years no proposal


He used to be very spontaneous, and now as time has passed, it seems like he does not feel it necessary to show me a good time anymore. He would make me feel more wanted and beautiful than anyone ever could. This whole "lack of spark" has made me feel incredibly frustrated and depressed. My boy-friend and I are 37 and 29 and we have been together for 3 years. Do this even if you are in different states or countries. Saying “I love you” doesn't deepen a connection unless it’s accompanied by actions.Since we've been living together, that never happens anymore. My boyfriend is very emotionally sensitive and is constantly asking me of reassurance that I love him and that I will not leave him. As much as they like taking you out, the would very much appreciate it if you were the one going up to them and taking them out. Regards the sex, relationships are not always about sex and I think that having sex up to 2-3 times is a lot, and as much as your boyfriend may like it, he may just not want it all the time. Maybe instead of making love all day, go out on a romantic walk, or a meal. Regards having children and getting married, don't be too forward. Are you always having a go at him or nagging at him? Would you like it if he was constantly telling you to do this and do that? I know for sure, they hate being nagged to pick socks up, ect.. I'm not saying that your boyfriends/husbands can sit around all day being lazy and watching tv, that's not the case, just lay off the nagging, show him how much you love him. cuse I get bullied at school and he tries to stick up for me but then they start to make fun of him for dating me.... Leave love notes under your partner’s pillow when you are going to be out of town.

I hate to give ultimatums in the form of a relationship expiration date, but i am ready to walk if he still isn’t ready to move forward.

And the one time I told him about how I felt, how I thought that I feel like he's un-excited about us anymore, he started crying. Remember he's the man in the relationship, and he's the one getting down on one knee to you. I hope this help i am dating someone and I am at the same age as when u started to date him..... Make sure the tires in his car have enough air in them before he leaves town. Think to get her favorite flower once in a while, for no reason.

My question to you all is this: Does it seem like the precious element and excitement of being in love has vanished in our relationship? Moreover, how can I talk to my boyfriend about it without him getting angry or tear-ridden? And I feel like a 40 year old trying to savor a marriage. V r getting married next year...n he wants baby itseems so no planning... Fix the leak in the bathroom he’s been complaining about.

best of luck I've been dating my boyfriend for two years now as well, and there's honestly nothing to be depressed about-that will just make the issue more real than it actually is. Have sex somewhere odd, or integrate something kinky. I went through this a little while back with my boyfriend and, though I normally believe that being open about your feelings is imperative, pointing this out will just make him feel insecure/defensive. We are stagnant in our daily routines and need excitement. Pretending that something doesn’t matter doesn’t make it not matter.

And don't listen to the whole "oh, the passion just becomes stale after a while" ****. Even when we do go out and have fun, things are not what they use to be , which is good but it is also hard to bring the spark back and keep trying. You may think it’s not important but over time these things add up and cause resentments and distance.

If you are willing to do all seven of these things, your relationship will flourish. We use to go out on dates all the time, now it feels like he's bored with me. I try to tease and flirt but I literally get pushed off! I work a lot and so does be but he gets sat-sun off and he never wants to do anything. I love to surprise him with breakfast in bed even on days where it's going to be a hectic day at the office.

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