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I began to play the “” game in terms of if it’s a boy, and all the things that comes with being a man as opposed to one of these soft ass cry baby pay the victim fuck boys that seem to be in style these days.

Next I thought about if it was a girl—but before I got too far with that idea, I remembered all the women that had written me over the years, those I met in person, even the ones I’d dealt with romantically…or just sexually, and they all swirled together in my mind for a few hours.

All those book smarts and analytical skills and you’re still stuck on, “?

The most important thing I’ve ever learned from dating girls, being friends with girls, and writing this website was that a girl’s father is the most consistent factor in terms of shaping what kind of person she will become for better or worse.

Mothers are more crucial of course, but in terms of future relationships with the opposite sex, the kind of father a girl grows up with or without, directly effects the men she chooses later in life.

No way I was going to have a baby with someone I barely liked because no kid deserves to be raised in that environment.

Even after I got married, we both were of the mindset of let’s travel and have fun, not just settle into being parents who regret not having “me” time first.

” Men don’t change their ways because they know the female empowerment goes out the window the moment they make a joke and you start giggling like a 16-year-old school girl.

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