Dating your father


Lauren revealed Erik would send her insulting gifts in an attempt to improve her looks.'One year, he gave me a birthday card with a cheque for ,000 and in the envelope there was a breast augmentation brochure,' she revealed.

There are so many lessons a parent can teach that can be undone if a girl doesn’t develop confidence in herself from a very young age and sense enough to avoid the trappings of the monkey see, monkey do, society around her.unless you’re a misogynist you would have to admit that it’d be a better planet.The empowerment of women is the only way this world improves.How can you wield any power when you go dumb for dick and forget your standards or submit just because you have a crush on someone?All those book smarts and analytical skills and you’re still stuck on, “?Even though this baby has perfect timing, we still had to think about what this meant…

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