Does he like me online dating

Although everyone deals with shyness in different ways, there are still some telltale signs that a quiet dude is into you.

It’s just more difficult, because a shy guy isn’t going to tell you how beautiful you look, or just approach you and ask you to go out on a date. Here are 10 signs a shy guy likes you (even if it doesn’t seem like it).

Heck, I don’t know most of you reading this, and I’m upset for you.

What you’re looking for here is a guy that gets upset if someone isn’t treating you up to his standards.

If your talking about buying toothpaste and he is reacting like it’s the most wildly enthralling story he’s heard since you bought deodorant, he’s definitely into you – way into you.

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He might notice the little subtle differences in your mood – when you’re happy instead of just okay or when you’re feeling a little under the weather.Listening shows that he’s interested in what you have to say; not just waiting for your turn to talk. Tell him you’re interested and let things progress from there.How much he listens is a pretty good indication of how interested he is. If he’s calling to discuss problems all the time, you’re just a friend, but if he just wants to talk about what you’re up to and what he’s up to without asking anything of you or getting into a phone therapy session, he’s probably into you.If someone is harassing you, threatening you, or beating you around, your friends are going to be upset no matter what.Sure he might stop and chat if he sees you in the grocery store or at a bar, but does he go out of his way to talk to you? The further out of his way he’ll go, the more into you he likely is.

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