Dubya dad and dating wiki

4-12 18 Jan 05 Friends Don't Let Friends Marry Drunks 69. Contact Us: To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider.

6-18 08 May 07 George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia The home sites for this guide are for show info and for episode details.

5-16 22 Feb 06 George Gets Caught in a Powers Play 97.

5-15 15 Feb 06 A Funeral Brings George to His Niece 96.

Everything becomes a mess when president George Bush comes to speak at the factory: Benny has started dating a younger man without telling George, Carmen disrupts the president's speech, and George steals the speech, which results in the Secret Service paying a trip to his home.

5-21 05 Apr 06 George Discovers How Mescal-ed Up His Life Would Have Been Without the Benny-Fits 102. 6-5 21 Feb 07 Sabes Gay, It's George's Fantasy Episode 108.

5-7 09 Nov 05 George Finds Therapy Benny-ficial 88. 5-9 30 Nov 05 George Discovers Benny's Sili-Con Job 90. 5-18 15 Mar 06 George Helps Ernie See the Cellu-Light 99. 5-20 29 Mar 06 George Vows to Make Some Matri-Money 101.

I wanna see your birth certificate, or I'm calling the cops.

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