Eavesdrop webcams


Small- and medium-sized businesses don't have time to handle the upkeep it takes to detect and prevent malware, and yet consistent monitoring and maintenance is instrumental in minimizing risk.

By combining the right RMM platform with antivirus and endpoint monitoring solutions, you can help secure clients' perimeters from attacks and penetration.

Covering your webcam cannot be considered an efficient solution to protecting your privacy - there are other options that will more fully ensure protection.

So what if clients or prospects ask if covering their webcam is a good idea? You can never be too prepared for a security breach, so taking a page out of Zuckerberg's (Face)book can help shield them in the event that they are hacked.

However, there are much more efficient ways to get to the root of the problem by strengthening network security with effective endpoint monitoring and management, a strong antivirus program and proactive user education.

Hackers working for the forces of both good and evil have developed a pretty terrifying ability to sneak into our computers, phones, tablets and other devices.

However, while cyber-geniuses may have the electronic weaponry needed to send firewalls crashing down, there’s one very rudimentary anti-spyware appliance that they still can’t overcome: a piece of tape.

RATs can even allow hackers to install more malicious software on your device – this is something that cannot be prevented with masking tape.

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