Embarrassing dating profiles


His mouth feels wonderful.my…dick.”Tony seemed to be in a trance.

“Well it looks like Tony has a new friend.”They were both chuckling.“He is good Baby. Something about her calling me a faggot that really turned me on. I had to hold his massive dick with both hands, attempting to control it before it gagged me.

” A river of jizz is pouring down my chin, over my chest, over my dick and balls.

Thank you Babe.” It took me a minute to realize he was referring to me as Baby, not Martha.

Pumping and pumping and pumping his man cream into me.

”“God he sucks soo…gooo…HA…AHHHHH…awww fuuuuck…” An explosion of thick creamy cum in my mouth.

” The thought of disobeying her, defying her, crossed my mind.

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But his dick is so small that I really don’t get that good deep-in-my-cunt fucking that I need. Proudly, he pulled the underwear down his legs to his ankles. Her hand kept up a steady beat on my leaking hard dick. He stood up to his full height of 6 feet and 3 inches.“This is turning me on in a weird way.” “Good! Tony picked up his half filled glass of Scotch and chugged it. Martha and I were both captivated by the show he was putting on for us. He began to piston his big dick into my mouth, faster and faster. ”Suddenly both of his hands held my face tightly while he quickly fucks me in the mouth. Just let it soak and suck it in your pretty faggot mouth.” Time stopped.

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