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14) Russian women are not as career-minded as their Western sisters and put family before work, but each person adapts to the society in which he lives.After some time spent in your country, your future wife will probably want to work.This section summarizes what is essential to know about meeting with Russian women for a serious relationship: it is a kind of summary of my main advice given in the various sections published on Inter-Marriage.This mini guide is intended primarily for men who want to immediately start searching for the woman of their life in Russia (whether through my agency or not) and do not have time to read all my topics.They will simply bypass the issue and achieve their goal of a less confrontational and less complicated way: the result is more important to them that way.

4) If you are asking why so many beautiful and intelligent Russian women want to leave their country to marry a foreigner, well women from Eastern Europe also wonder why Western men, who are often attractive and professionally successful wish to marry a Russian girl!

13) In Russia there must be a good reason why we smile: if you smile often, people will think that you are mentally disturbed, you make fun of them, or that you are not sincere.

The fact that the Russians do not smile a lot in every day life does not mean that they have no sense of humor, but rather they do not smile without reason and even less to foreigners.

They are above all looking to marry a gentleman who loves, respects and protects them.

However, and contrary to what some agencies might suggest, their fantasy is certainly not to be submissive to a nice little husband.

8) The majority of Russian women wishing to marry a foreigner has a desire for recognition and respect, are ambitious and show a certain strength of character.

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