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Asked about the lack of African-American vice presidents in an interview last month, Trump assured the AP that he had hired minorities as senior executives and said his staff could readily provide specific details."I am the least discriminatory person in the world," Trump said."I have people that do the hiring, if you want to speak to them."The Trump Organization, however, did not grant subsequent requests by the AP to provide such information or say whether Trump had hired an African-American vice president over the past 35 years.Even if the organization's top executives were white, she said, Trump's willingness to promote women to senior positions demonstrates his open mind about diversity.Bruce Le Vell, a black former county GOP chairman in Georgia who founded The National Diversity Coalition For Trump and says he has met most of the Trump Organization's top executives, said he sees no sign of discrimination in Trump's 25th floor office in Trump Tower.That earned Pinkett a temporary vice president title within Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., not the Trump Organization directly."And when I had the opportunity to meet with the heads of affiliate companies, as I did often, not once did I encounter a person of color," Pinkett said.The apparent lack of diversity among Trump's senior staff undermines an image portrayed in a recent online campaign advertisement, in which Lynne Patton, who described herself as a black, female executive at the Trump Organization, praised Trump for "hiring more minority and female executives than any other company for which I've ever worked."Patton is Eric Trump's longtime personal assistant."As the company continues to expand, both domestically and internationally, we will continue to recruit the very best and brightest regardless of gender and ethnicity."The AP's review found two Trump executives whose surnames could potentially indicate Hispanic or Middle Eastern backgrounds but did not draw any conclusions given the lack of cooperation by the Trump Organization.

"If you were applying the same standard to everyone in the talent pool, you'd be hiring a lot of people of color."When Trump takes fire for comments about women, he can point to a roster of female executives who held senior positions, reporting only to him.

Another research in fact says that Russia has THE highest proportion of women in top management on the planet: Seminars/IBR-2012-wom... We're in the process of revamping and streamlining our entire product line of Quick Takes. As you see I am a Chinese and my culture are not so "friendly" for women who stay in senior management position, I am interesting about is this data also include Chinese SOEs or only private company?

For some reason, none of said countries are even slightly mentioned in your report. When we work on this one we will definitely take a look at your suggestions. And also I think the child policy may also become one major effect on this data, I suggest that the next survey, you might consider this data as an indicator.

Trump's subsidiary businesses over the years have included golf courses, a modeling agency, casinos in multiple states and an airline.

The AP did identify some African-Americans holding the VP title at such individual properties."The Trump Organization employs both females and minorities in positions of authority across the entire company and in recent years has made great progress in expanding an already diverse workforce," Trump's son, Eric, said in a statement to the AP.

I want to use it side by side with some other reports, but I need to understand the methodology/procedure for how you found these numbers. Did you want Japan's number for Women Legislators, Senior Officials, and Managers?

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