Facing rejection in dating

Secondly dont put so much emphasis on dating, on second thought dont bother with it. You are 26, by that age you should have things figuired out, one would think. Have you ever heard it said that 'what you resist, persists'? A wise friend once taught me this after I lost a job I was already told I'd landed. Instead of running or turning away defeated spewing expletives, you DO face it. While you are 'entertaining' rejection, the scary beast, you remain calm and centered.I tried it and got the call that yes, indeed, they still wanted me, and was I still available? You face it head on, and CHOOSE to be the one above all who loves and accepts yourself. It must be something to do with having intelligence and the ability to use it, just like other women.By understanding the basis of your thoughts and feelings, you will be much more likely to have self-compassion.That is, your focus will shift from being self-critical to wanting yourself to find peace and happiness. Consider what you want in the present and the future; as well as gaining clarity about what is a preference in your relationship and what is essential.I have learned how to make peace with it and you could also. There is an enormous amount of rejection and hurt to be had.Being here or any other dating site is going to challenge your sense of self if you let it.

When you recognize that you are being self-critical, choose to try to understand yourself instead.

If you want a truly secure and long-lasting relationship, self-awareness and honesty are key.

There’s no question that it is often very difficult to attend to, and be honest about, your thoughts, feelings, and needs.

They don’t fully realize (or suppress) that they are having particular feelings and thoughts.

To find greater happiness in yourself and your relationship, it is essential that you begin by gaining greater self-awareness.

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