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In part I, we touched on the popularity of blind dates, love motels, coupledom obsession, and the over-the-top communication patterns.

Hallie Bradley, right, author of the blog "The Soul of Seoul" sits with her husband, guitarist Jung Jae-oo.

Apparently, Korean parents have an easier time accepting this dynamic.

In most parent’s perspective, the ideal situation is for their son or daughter to marry another Korean.

This is normal in Korea.15 - And it isn’t necessarily about love.

Since the invention of marriages, these unions served as economic and social alliances between two persons’ families. It seems that the way Koreans think about marriages resembles this older model, with a modern twist—the freedom to date around and have premarital sex.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is viewed as a private matter and not a crime to be punished by the law.

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