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Your corporation is registered with the State of New Jersey.

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However, if you use this method, you must give notice of dissolution to all shareholders not entitled to vote on the matter at least 10 days in advance of filing the certificate of dissolution with the Secretary of State.

Be aware that it can take several months for a corporation to receive a tax clearance certificate from the DOT.

You must also include a final estimated tax return with your certificate of dissolution.

This means that you must be current not only with your taxes but also with your annual reports.

The specific information required on your certificate of dissolution will vary depending on the method you used to dissolve your corporation. Your certificate of dissolution must contain: The DOR has an appropriate certificate of dissolution form, Form C-159S, available for download. If you dissolve your corporation by obtaining written consent of all shareholders entitled to vote, your certificate of dissolution must contain: A certificate of dissolution form appropriate for this kind of dissolution, Form C-159D, is available for download from the DOR website.

Then, unless your certificate of incorporation requires a greater vote, a majority of the votes at the meeting must approve the dissolution.

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