Forms for liquidating an s corporation

You can file your certificate of dissolution by mail, in person, or online.

Officially ending its existence as a state-registered business entity, and putting it beyond the reach of creditors and other claimants, begins with a formal process called “dissolution.” While a corporation may be involuntarily dissolved through a court decree, or for administrative reasons such as failing to file annual reports, this article covers voluntary dissolution by a corporation’s shareholders.There is no DOR form available for this type of certificate of dissolution.Therefore, it is particularly advisable with this type of certificate to get assistance from a lawyer.Be aware that it can take several months for a corporation to receive a tax clearance certificate from the DOT.You must also include a final estimated tax return with your certificate of dissolution.Also, as mentioned above, you must include your request for tax clearance certificate (DOT Form A-5088-TC) and your estimated final tax return (DOT Form A-5052-TC).

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