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Again, feeling your relationship isn’t giving you what you need can lead to a sense of alienation as you begin to doubt whether you’ve got your priorities right.At other times, it can be an internal change that’s prompted you to feel differently about your relationship.Changes in your life situation often mean different or greater pressures, which can leave you feeling like you need more support.If it doesn’t feel like you’re getting the support you need you may begin to resent your partner or drift apart from them – this is when the feeling of ‘loneliness’ can begin to creep in.You may act a little childishly, start avoiding your partner or give them the silent treatment.

Loneliness in a long-term relationship or marriage can be a real burden.

It can leave us not knowing how to make things better: should we try to talk to our partner?

Or will whatever’s caused this sense of loneliness make it difficult?

When this doesn’t happen, frustration, hurt, and anger mingle with feelings of betrayal.

“What’s the point of being married,” as Billie put it, “if you have to go looking when you need someone?

In reality, loneliness tends to express itself more indirectly.

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