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However, our policy has been and will continue to provide for such a search due to an alert from a drug dog, metal detector, or handheld electronic frisker.A pat/frisk search of a visitor age 17 and under will require approval of the Warden/Designee and the written consent of the parent, legal guardian, or authorized adult, and will be conducted by an employee of the same gender as the visitor.The devices have the capability to communicate with other devices over a wireless transmission protocol such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular.Effective September 4, 2015, in a continuing effort to improve the safety and security of our institutions for staff, inmates, and visitors, all visitors age 18 and older entering Level II and Level III institutions will be required to submit to a pat/frisk search in addition to the existing search procedures.We trust that this information will be useful to you. A parent or legal guardian must assist the child in completing the "Request for Visiting Privileges." A parent or legal guardian must sign this form, and a parent, legal guardian, or authorized adult must accompany the child during the entire visit.Nieces and nephews who are minors may be considered to visit, however, there are specific conditions which the inmate must meet in order to receive visits from nieces and nephews.

The custodial parent or legal guardian must request this form through the Division of Visitation and Inmate Drug Testing. The number of visitors allowed may be limited because of the size of the visiting room, or for safety and security reasons.

If you have questions about how many visitors will be allowed, you should call the respective institution. Visitors will be permitted to bring into any institution only the items listed below: (Any item not included in the following list, or any authorized item in excess of approved amounts [e.g., cash], will be considered as "unauthorized items" and will not be permitted to be brought into any institution by any visitor.) Cash can no longer be brought into any institution.

Instead, SCDC institutions now utilize cashless vending machines that require Paykey devices, electronic recording tools the size of a keychain onto which cash can be transferred.

Infant/Baby carriers will be allowed but will be subject to search prior to entry into the institution.

(Visitors will be required to remove the infant from the carrier for this purpose.) NOTE: Beepers/pagers are not allowed into the institution unless they are required due to medical/ professional reasons.

If the visitor has been approved to take in a beeper/pager, it will be thoroughly inspected prior to the visitor entering the institution. Except as otherwise noted, visitors are prohibited from engaging in the following activities. If you have questions about the inmate's visiting days or times or institution, you should call the respective institution where the inmate is housed.

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