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I do all live, nothing pre done and no push button. I AM the arpeggiator I'm also an old miserable bitch who nobody wants to touch that has no life. She could have apologize for spamming the site, I agree, but I still think she had zero chance of being well-received just because what the fuck, we don't know this person, she immediately started asking strangers for money, and then went straight to insulting anyone who didn't give it to her. You can poke all the fun you want and try to get my gofundme down, will you be laughing when you see my son back with me soon?

Keep promoting me I am loving all the attention I am getting.

I wouldn't have even thought of posting there if you didn't mention it first.

Because you said that, you gave the impression that your gofundme is a scam.

If you come on like a scammer, you'll be treated as one.

I posted that shit on reddit simply as a warning to reddit since you claimed to have tons of men giving you money there.

The view is lovely and every time, I am in awe that I worked so hard to give my son the kind of house and neighborhood I always dreamed of.

I do not always remember how good I have it nor how good my son has it.

That makes it easy for people to make your life miserable and some asshole took that opportunity.

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