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I would like to meet I´m a professional artist looking for a creative soul to have some fun with.

I live up in the Gold Coat Hinterland - surrounded by rainforest, organic food and other artist.

I am a self taught artist and love painting mostly beaches and the waves and if you happen to be strolling along the beach what can I say .will I am happy, caring and positive. Easy going & laid back in nature, but passionate about family, friends and staying healthy.....

i am a very family orientated person and love spending time with friends whether its a casual BBQ! I work and volunteer so my time is fairly tied up but I always make Enjoying the single life again, so looking for some like minded people to enjoy my spare time with.I enjoy; doing and learning Im a very young active nature loving woman who likes camping, bushwalking, surfing, snorkelling, and going for a Sunday drives, a glass of wine and picnics. I'm an easy going person, love to laugh i am a real girlie girl looking for someone to chat too or hang with if you´re on the coast.i´m an attractive, size 10, 34 yr old with blonde hair who likes to party!I´m never happier than listening to the myriad sounds of a rainforest, the dawn chorus of the bush or digging my toes into the sand on a quiet beach.I love the outdoors Enjoying life, laughing, surfing, musik, great food, wine & company. Also love the hinterland aspect of the Gold Coast.. A lot that interests me can´t be printed on here, I'm an academic and a musician.I have reached a phase where I can focus on me and what I want and that's a great feeling. I love to Hi All, I am a fun loving easy going girl with energy to burn, I love everything about life and can´t wait to "do it all", I have serious values and believe in responsibility and commitment but at the same time can easily juggle all of this Not really sure of what to put down.

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