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In fact, the name "Proterozoic" means "early life".Plants and animals both owe their origins to are more similar to those of bacteria than to the ribosomes found in the eukaryote cell's cytoplasm; and like chloroplasts they are enclosed by a double membrane as would be expected if they derived from bacterial cells engulfed by another cell. And that is where they remained for at least 600 million years.One of the issues that has frustrated Cape Tribulation residents over the years is that the mayor of their shire, Mike Berwick, lives comfortably on mains electricity north of the Daintree river, while he is against mains power to the rest of the population, only his neighbours share this luxury that the rest of the western world takes for granted.On the left you see the warning sign for boats so they don't hit the mayor's power line with their masts.Our regular contributor Mark Maupin found this rather elaborate sign at the turnoff to the Whim Creek Pub on the North West Coastal Highway between Port Hedland and Karratha in WA.

I have seen signs in the outback warning of no fuel for 500 km.as that can actually avoid life threatening situations but this sign? You will find this sign on the infamous Bloomfield Track that leads from Cape Tribulation to Bloomfield, also locally known as Wujul Wujul.No overtaking allowed on this bridge between Cape Tribulation and Cooktown,( that is only one car wide anyway).This sign hangs halfway between the Stuart Highway and Cape Crawford's Heartbreak Hotel on the southern side of the road but its exact location has been lost, if you find it please let us know!We spotted this sign in a bar, you can order this sign and heaps of others at For those who don't recognize the animal in the middle, it is a wombat.Every country has signs, but of course in a country as amazing as Australia, the signs are just that little bit different again. If you see any more amazing signs on your travels in Australia, make sure you send us a pic!

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