Hardcastle pipe dating

I swore I wouldn't allow this tobacco to ghost one of my larger pipes.

But as I continued with greater frequency in my experimentation, I found that I required larger bowls--to explore the nuances of Grousemoor, and isolate this "lemongrass" note that people kept mentioning.

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The essence used by Samuel Gawith is a secret blend of all natural components known only to one employee of that historic blending house.No clue about the primary tobacco, but makes me think it? Finish: As expected, the finish is just a tad harsher. Neither will it leave an excessive flavor or aroma in the bowl.From the smoking character, it may be deduced that there is no PG present, and that the quality of the leaf is top-drawer.I picked up Grousemoor simply because it was the only Sam Gawith blend available when I put in my last order. Now I know why it's always the last of the Gawith blends to go! When I had finished that first bowl, I threw the tin in my smoking cabinet.The hoarders had rushed to pick up all the more popular blends and I found myself curious about these hints of "lemongrass" spelled out in the tin description and thrown out there by reviewers. I'm not even sure what the hell it is, but I love to seek out new flavors, and this sounded interesting--especially after reading the very polarizing reviews. I figured, if they ever outlaw tobacco, I'll probably finish that tin. Over the course of a few weeks I'd pull many blends out of that cabinet, and I would grow increasingly drawn to that beautiful tin art and that strange scent.The tobacco characeristics could not be deduced by their aromas.

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