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Now, I expect you back here in four hours with your things. I carried my things up to the front porch and rang the bell. Fairchild opened the door and stared at me disapprovingly. I stood there awkwardly in the apron and my stockinged feet, holding the wand of the vacuum. “Put these on.” She handed me the shoes, which smelled of leather and appeared brand new. “Don't you DARE use that tone of voice to me sonny boy! With that she left the room, and when the door closed I heard a key click in the lock. Spending my first night in this strange new bedroom in nothing but a frilly nightgown had me on pins and needles, the fabric causing a constant state of arousal that I could do nothing to relieve. I made up my mind that I had better get out of this situation-I had not been able to even think about working on my paper, let alone plug in my computer, and I didn't see that changing anytime soon. Fairchild obviously had an agenda that I didn't understand at all. Her hair and make-up were perfect, and she wore a cream colored satin blouse, a brown wool skirt to the knee, stockings and a pair of expensive looking chocolate alligator pumps with 4” heels. I mean please Auntie, can't I have a little privacy?

“You're 30 minutes late.” Her tone was icy, and she was impatiently tapping the toe of one of her pumps as she held the door open. I noticed that her spiked pumps left small indentations in the carpet and started to protest when she pushed me down on the sofa and snatched the shoes from my hand. .” She placed a finger against my lips and cut me off. ” I decided things were starting to get out of hand. And you had better learn how to address me properly or I'm going to take you over my knee! Sitting naked in the tub listening to this tirade, I could only be thankful for the perfumed bubbles that covered my raging hard-on. I had never had any desire to be bossed around by a woman, especially a large older woman who was treating me like a 12 year old. Fairchild ma'am, I appreciate you giving me this nightgown but . .” The Landlady raised a hand, indicating that I should stop. Fairchild is so formal, why don't you call me 'Auntie Dear.' How does that sound pumpkin? “Good morning dear heart.” She looked at me expectantly, and began tapping the toe of her pump. “Good morning Auntie Dear.” I was mortified hearing the words come out of my mouth. Fairchild's lips curled into a Mona Lisa smile and her fingers locked onto my own and she half dragged me into the bathroom. ” I couldn't believe I was pleading just to be able to relieve myself alone. “Your are to refer to me as Auntie DEAR or Dearest, I thought that was understood.

We planned a nice short date at reputed mall in Pune for a cup of coffee, we had a short meeting that day and had a cup of coffee. On which she got agreed and she joined me in the back seat. My dick was hard and huge, she was staring at my dick then I hold her red lace bra in my hand. Since then I was waiting for that day and the day has arrived.

She was looking so beautiful that day as she was wearing an orange color Anarkali suit with low back. I hold her bra cups and I started masturbating on her bra. I was in heaven as I was stroking like mad in front of her. I asked her I want to see your bra the one you are wearing right now. I told her I will never let you go till I cum in your red lace bra. I will continue that 4-day experience in my next story.

Later 2 days I did not go for a morning walk as I was busy in preparing for an interview. ” she replied back to come to the park I am wearing Pink T and black lowers.

On the third day morning at around 6 AM I got a message on my Whats App “Hey aren’t you coming for a walk ? I got to know she is my sex goddess that mature rich lady because she used to wear a pink T and black lowers.

I just want her to fuck, I tried to talk to her so many times but every time she ignored to talk to me.

We were chatting and I asked here “Can I tell you one thing” on which she said “Yes” I replied “Today your were wearing a black bra ! I told her that I am having a bra fetish and I want to masturbate inside in your bra cups. to which she replied “I have red lace bra” I said I want to masturbate inside in that bra. horny babes get rammed in an orgywatch three brunette russian teens, posing for the camera while squeezing each other39s bubble butts and pulling off their bra and, they39re sucking dicks and getting their completely shaved snapper screwed.two lusty bimbos lick each others cuntslesbians jayme langford and louisa lanewood are dripping hot candle wax all over their hooters nipples and entire belly clean down to and including their partially shaved snatch.My problem was money-my loans and grants were almost gone, and I wasn't eligible for a dorm now that classes were over. The sensation of her hand holding my face made by breath come even harder.The ad looked perfect: The house was a beautiful old Victorian on a quiet street. “Sweetheart, we NEVER sit on the edge of the bedspread. And it is only polite to ask my permission if you wish to be seated in my presence, don't you agree? With a final pressure, which almost caused her thumb to part my startled lips she released me.She was also completely put together- her hair was perfectly coiffed in a stiff bouffant, her make-up was perfect, her nails manicured. “I will show you the entire house, starting with the kitchen.” She walked briskly in her pumps, her grip on my elbow was like iron, and I struggled to keep up with her pace. We ended up in “my room” which contained what looked like a girl's bedroom set in white with gold accents, including a carved four-poster bed, frilly accents including pink floral curtains, and a large collection of antique dolls lining the shelves of one wall. Fairchild explained my housekeeping duties and handed me a bundle, which turned out to be a gauzy full white apron trimmed in red, with short puffy sleeves, a pleated skirt and wide ribbons which tied in back. ” She stood there with her hands on her hips, looking down at me. I stammered that I needed some time to pack, and thought that moving in tomorrow might make more sense. K.” The Landlady's red lips made an approving smile and her hand patted my cheek, her thumb pressed against my lips. I had a feeling that once I moved in things would only get worse. When I thought of standing frozen in front of her, forced to stare directly into her eyes by the grip of her fingers firmly “chucking” me under my chin, I felt wobbly. I figured if things got out of hand, I could always leave. I was panting when I finally brought the last box up to the room. “You have lovely lips dear, has anyone ever told you that? Under her watchful eye I began my vacuuming the living room carpet. She made me remove the footwear, and frowned disapprovingly at the rubber treads. “If you would, Auntie Dear.” Her face broke into a smile and her lips pressed against mine briefly. “Good night precious.” She tucked me in even tighter before she left, till I felt like I couldn't breathe. Fairchild yanked back my covers and was pulling me from the bed.

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