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Much like Colm Ks sonic palette, the Irish producers musical knowledge ranges from soul, hip hop, disco, rare groove, house and beyond, with his productions and DJ sets causing a ruckus across a number of international dance floors.Expand text Fresh from his acclaimed Heights EP on Dublins All City Records late last year, Colm K returns with two off-kilter jams for London imprint Tiff Joints.Sally Cs contribution to our mix series sees her jump from everything between A Tribe Called Quest and DJ Boring.Constantly switching between tribal infused house, classics and more breakbeat style tracks, this is an hour of pure fun and a true testament to her style. Love & Happy Kenny Dope The Untouchables (Lil Louies Anthem//Strictly Rhythm Gold Series) Cratebug Clock Beats Omer Back and Forth Ten City Thats The Way Love Is (Acieed Mix) Bobby Analog Dr In The House Loods & Mall Grab Sweetness House Mannequin Boyz DJ Boring Untitled B Tyree Cooper Feat.Order it here Keep up to date with Colm K On Facebook, Twitter and Sound Cloud.#hyponik HYP 334: GALTIERNostro Hood System founder Jiah Wells aka Galtier is a prolific workhorse.

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Tracklist: Pablo Marco All About Christian Tiger School If You Want To (Edmondson Version) Mallard Untitled (Breaks) A Sagittarius Lucid Dreaming (Original Dream) Moon Light Of Virtue Igor Tipura Dwams (Lauer Remix) Shadow Child Renegade Stabs Primitive Trust (Little Love (Floorplan Remix) Voiron 4 Pole (Voiron Acid Mix) No Moon Exoplanet Vibe Cult Shawn Rudiman All The Way Ejeca Losty Andrea Choral Severnaya Terramodis Christian Jay 117 Duccio J Mina Merv Dust Catch Mr. Expand text His sound is a twisted variation of the traditional house and techno sound, focused on getting dance floors moving. Full of music from himself, Robert Hood, DVS1 and Secret Werewolf, this is a 50 minute onslaught of punching kick drums, squeaky synths and rolling percussion.

Tracklist: Taraval No Coast Robert Hood Nephesh Scott Grooves Adapt ORBE Upper Stage Ribé Harmonic Rain Twerk -Simultaneity Juan Atkins and Infinity Think Quick Soul Centre Psycho Set Robert Hood Analog Track (Ghost) False Fed On Youth Aleksi Perälä Gblft1740065 DVS1 Watchtower Savile Watch Scan Wait Deniro Penance TWR72 Colloquial (TWR72 Remix) Stefan Ringer To The Bone Kenny Larkin Soulman Justin Zerbst Subtraction Secret Werewolf Taurine No Coast EP is out now on Hypercolour.

Order it here HYP 335: COLM KSince his selection for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2003 Cork-native Colm K has become a staple of his local scene, trusted as resident of the renowned Sunday Times party whose musical ethos operates on an anything goes policy.

Tracklist: Nas1 Secret Agent Nas1 La Tosse Hanna Twombleys Glen T-Kut & Parkway Rhythm FM Feeling Steve & I Comeandgetme Two & Three Follow (Stefan Ringer Remix) Seven Davis Jr.

One Letherette Flowatch Gang Fatale Fatal Feels [Riz Fresco] Beat Spacek Ring Di Alarm Andras Vinyl Only Gang Fatale Mad Jawnz [Kieran Loftus, Trap Door] Konstantin Sibold & Telly Im In Need (Oracys Ancient Technology Dub) Ikonika Oral Suspension (Big Strick Remix) RGL T2 Feat Yebisu 303 Pepin Telephone Shocking AVV Camellia Black Noi$e Fight Riff k2k We Down For Machine Love is out now on Breaker Breaker.

Wells has released on many of the well-known, left-wing club track labels such as Infinite Machine, Files Rec. Expand text Galtiers complex and diverse approach to rhythm and sound design makes his productions instantly recognisable, and his mixes are always an exploration into the extremities of club-functional music, this one being no different. Noire Purples Lava Dome Stealth Riddim Shyqa Hiding (Galtier Remix) Doubt Species Keep up to date with Galtier on Facebook, Twitter and Sound Cloud.#hyponik HYP 333: FRED & CHARLESLondons freshest party starters Oblivion first made noise on the scene in 2017, bringing a versatile selection of bubbling house and techno talents to venues like The Brewhouse and Cafe 1001 across the year.

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