How to handle intimidating new rules liquidating retirement


You might feel useless when you work with this person.

How can we get over these situations to stop the intimidation?

Prepare for Negative Responses If the interviewer is trying to see how you handle negative feedback, they may say things like "I've never heard a worse answer to that question before." Well, truth be told, they wouldn't tell you if they had heard a worse answer, but they're trying to intimidate and scare you.

Be ready for that negative response, and don't let it get you nervous.

He or she may actually be quite pleasant, so keep that in mind.

Don't treat them like they're a jerk, but show your grace under fire.

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Anything you do is scrutinized, challenged or faces disagreement.

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We sweat bullets through every minute of the interview, and sigh with relief the minute we finally escape from the sweatbox where we just spent the last half hour trying not to break down. It's tough, but you can handle it if you're prepared.

Control Your Reaction Intimidating interviewers won't smile, won't react, and won't do anything to let you know if you're doing well or not.

They may use subtle scare tactics, or they'll rapid-fire questions at you.

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