Ian somerhalder and nina dobrev dating october 2016


Season 8 will continue down that dark path with the The Vampire Diaries cast revealing that Damon and Enzo have been stripped of their self-control, alluding to some crazy and unpredictable times to come.

We will also learn a lot more about the monster and the mythos behind it.

How the rest of The Vampire Diaries characters will play into the storyline remains to be seen.

Details surrounding their own journeys were not revealed.

Yes, Damon and Enzo’s journey has been promised to be a fun and interesting one.

While they get to keep their freedom, it was also revealed at Comic-Con 2016 that their freedom does come with some serious restrictions; the monster can make them do anything at any time and Damon and Enzo must comply like puppets.

Nina is a single woman and she is yet to be married.

You have a heart of gold and the strength of a warrior. Thanks to you I will always look for the “magic” in Every.

Your ability to touch souls and bring smiles to millions continues to inspire me.

The combine neglected to share any sweet Lovers Day messages together over the occasion weekend.

Romance bits of gossip between the Nina and Austin initially began last June when Nina was chipped kissing the Whiplash performer amid an occasion at The Improv in West Hollywood.

While they didn't walk celebrity central together, both gifted stars looked exceptionally agreeable and glad together inside.

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