Interesting facts about carbon dating


"This is something very special, a historical object whether it originated 2000 or 700 years ago. It's a very historical thing." He has his own view about why some people are unwilling to accept the science. But the debate has not been stopped and maybe it never will. There'll always be some who believe it's true." Interestingly, it is not the Catholic church that insists the shroud is genuine but people outside it, he says.

So I have no bad feelings about people going to see it. "Maybe some people want to have proof for the existence of God.

Julian Hitchcock, Cambridge, UKYour article omits several important facts.

The type of fabric and the weave is consistent with 1st Century techniques.

The Turin shroud provides an interesting, Dan Brown style, diversion.

Most of the scientists at the 1988 test have either died or retired.

So you can ask 'Was that the moment of resurrection?

' That has to be speculation." The Catholic church has always refused to take a position on the shroud's authenticity but it expects between 1.5 and two million people to visit and the Pope is due to attend on 2 May.

Having gone on public display for the first time in a decade, the debate over its authenticity is set to resume.

Numerous historical references to Christ's shroud exist but the only reliable records for the one today housed in Turin Cathedral begin in the 16th Century.

But one singular thing about the crucifixion of Christ is the crown of thorns and on the shroud there are a whole series of puncture wounds where the scalp has bled." And whereas every artist imagined Jesus crucified through the palms, the shroud indicates it was through the wrist, which is the only plausible way the body would have remained on the cross, he says.

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