Intimidating guys attractive


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It's weird but I often feel much more comfortable around ugly guys and women (regardless of beauty).

Not really intimidated, if they aren't wearing a lot of clothes I can sometimes catch myself staring which is embarassing but definitely don't get intimidated. I've never been personally attracted to the steretypically beautiful, Adonis-like man.

I usually assume the super hot ones who clearly put tons of effort into their appearances are going to be douchebags anyway (and you are often right). Mainly because I feel awkward because they expect guys to behave a certain way with them and somehow me being gay and not into a woman who is clearly used to every guy wanting her just makes me really awkward about it. I can appreciate his beauty on an artistic level, but I'm certainly not intimidated by him.

Sure, attraction is relative to the one judging, but on a mass market scale - I solely believe that the 7's and 8's think that they are 10's. Now I am older and not a player in the "dog eat dog" dating world of NYC gay life aside from the occasional youngster who specializes in older men- which kind of weirds me out.

I think my constant compliments annoyed him ultimately. I get intimidated sometimes by hot guys, usually when they catch me off guard.

He did always take them graciously, although he never reciprocated in kind. The sight of my cock going into that gorgeous face will stay with me for a while. But being overwhelmed by your desire for someone, and demonstrative as a result,isn't the same as being intimidated. But I talk myself out of it, realizing they're just people like I am.

Still, he swallowed my cock like a champ so I can't complain. It doesn't sound like you were nervous or intimidated, but rather that you became intensely, perhaps excessively, excited, lustful and amorous. I was in the Starbucks standing behind a guy who looked like Richard Gere as Zack Mayo before the buzz cut. Normally I'm not intimidated by mere mortals, but this guy was so hot that I couldn't even look at him, though I did keep sneaking glances. And actually, most hot guys haven't done any personal growth because they never had to (the whole hot = douchebag thing is frequently true).

That greatly diminishes them in my estimation, because it's like they have arrested development. I prefer to be surrounded with attractive men and women.

I thought you're not even trying to withhold your contempt. As someone who has very hot friends, I can verify that conversation openers sink to Festrunk Brothers levels. If they respond with a hint that they're not stupid, they're seen as bitchy.

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