Is drew van acker dating anyone

Whilst Drew was in Vancouver for Tower Prep’s filming, executive producer Glen Morgan who happened to be a friend of a producer working in Pretty Little Liars saw and appreciated Drew’s act.

A short while after that, Van Acker substituted Parker Bagley in American Teen drama mystery-thriller television series named Pretty Little Liars as the serious character Jason Di Laurentis. Drew then appeared as a minor role in action drama war film, Fortress.

Drew joined the Shawnee High School, where he commenced acting in his high school drama classes.

He is best recognized for his role as Jason Di Laurentis on ABC Family's teen drama, Pretty Little Liars.

He has starred in numerous television series in his career.

Drew Van Acker was recently involved in an indie film titled "Camouflage".

Acker has not publicized his personal life including no mention of whom he is dating which may be the reason for the rumors of him being gay.

Drew was seen as character Parker in an episode of ABC Family’s Greek.

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