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Effectively, considering the question of whether she will fire her brother.

It’s not just a matter of if Jim Buss and General Manager Mitch Kupchak have shown enough incremental progress to hang on to their jobs for another season, but whether Jeanie, occupying Jerry Buss’ old office, believes they are the basketball minds she wants guiding the team’s direction for the long haul.

You’ve got to feel at least a little bit bad for Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss.

They had dated since 1999, and had been engaged since 2013, and it really seemed like it was their NBA positions that forced them to call off their engagement in December.

Needless to say, that wasn't easy for Jackson and Jeanie Buss' relationship.“Jeanie Buss blamed her brother for forcing her to choose between the Lakers and the man she loved,” Shelburne writes.

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To assume that she simply would have hired Jackson does not give enough credit to the savvy executive she is widely perceived to be in business circles. The obvious choice is Jerry West, an overlord of the Golden State Warriors as an executive board member. You can assume the option is more appealing with Jackson out of the picture.

They cited “professional obligations" and "geographic distance"—both of which were related to Jackson’s role as president of the Knicks and Buss’ role as president (and part-owner) of the Lakers.

It just seems like a sad reason for a committed relationship to end.

Her latest report sheds some light into what could be causing some of the current Buss family drama. GM Mitch Kupchak and VP of basketball operations Jim Buss with the impression he had received a job offer.

First, a little bit of context: Jackson was almost hired as the Lakers’ coach in 2012. The day after that meeting, the Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni.

If they ever decided to marry, the other NBA owners would have to approve it.“Each year that went by, Buss and Jackson grew further apart.

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