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And yes, oliverdoes have facebook, whether he said it on twitter or not.

Correspondence for them is not to be sent tothe shop, which has no direct ties to the society.

Those chinstrap posts served wellwith the spike helmets as 99% of the time, the chinstrap was held taught aroundthe front of the spike helmet visor, rather than actually used as a strapbeneath the wearers chin.

In the late 1930s the usarmy once again considered replacing the model 1917.

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In some cases the samedesignwas used on more than one body.No one knowswhere relationships will lead and every relationsh.Ifyoustill have the original bill of sale or any other way of dating itspurchase with certainty so much the betterif you have a wheatstone concertina and you can identify the serialnumber (it is normally on one end) then this list will tell you theyearof manufacture.He died in 1857, and his business was taken overby his pupil, george jones (see section).Althoughapproved of by gary randall, the society is operated by the stidhams,who are knife dealers.Thus, it is highly possiblethat helmets used following d-day could be of the hinged strapvariety.

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