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, it states that the history of the Corbins goes back to the time of the Norman Conquest in England, when William the Conqueror defeated the Britons at the battle of Hastings in 1066 and was later crowned the King of England. Corbin 1851-1934 Margaret and Josiah also have their own separate headstones.

Norman families then crossed the English Channel and became the ruling families of England. The Corbins may have been of French Huguenot descent.

He may have called himself a "merchant and weaver" as was quoted in the Andrew Moore book. He probably lived in Lancaster for a time, afterwards settled in Worcester, and removed to Woodstock before 1710, where he became prominent.

Jabez sold land in Quinnatisset which was "much infested with bears, wolves and Indians", as was also quoted in the book.

In these days of reminiscence and of Old Home gatherings, believing it would be interesting to many of the readers of your paper I inclose to you for publication, if you will, a letter received a few days ago from Amasa R. Addington Jabez Corbin was baptized on February 23, 1668, and later married Mary Morse in 1692. Charles Saillys gravestone is in the Glenwood Cemetery in Champlain. She was born August 31, 1672, and was the daughter of Lieutenant Anthony and Mary (Barnard) Morse of Newbury, Massachusetts. A log fort was necessary for the protection of the settlers. In 1725, Jabez was the constable of the town of Woodstock. To my daughter Spowell's ten children, twenty shillings, to be put into ye deacon's hands to be improved for ye Children's learning.

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