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Item, and foreasmuch as I have already settled my two sons (namely) James and Jabez Corbin, the said James upon my Land at Muddy river, and the said Jabez upon my Living at Woodstock, whereby I have given comfortable portions of my Estate to them, for and under such conditions and Reservations as I have made with each of them, my son James standing obliged to pay the sum of Four score pounds unto whom I shall see good to order, the same at and before the end and Expiration of three years next after mine and my Wives deceased. James Hosmer the first, father of the above, was b. [OR] In addition to the soldiers graves previously reported by us in the village, there are those of Merritt B. I give & devise to Harriet Hicks niece to my wife in consideration of her kind attention to her aunt & me & my family many years in my house & in token of my regard two village lots on the point opposite my house numbered twenty four and twenty-nine. William Hicks William Hicks was born on March 11, 1790, and died on August 15, 1864. Royal wrote numerous letters to his brother-in-law, describing family, business ventures and politics. He married Sarah Mills on November 5, 1801, at the age of 23. Delia (Corbin) Bradley Delia Corbin was born on November 15, 1806, and died in Columbus, Ohio, in 1877. He was born only six months before Charles Lewis Sailly died. He is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery in the Corbin plot. Jane Ann, daughter of Timothy, and Marsena Sullivan, died July 1st 1807, in the 4th year of her age.

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In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal and day and year first above written. Rowlandson, who was taken prisoner in King Philip's War, and afterwards published a book on her hardships. John White of Salem, in 1638, went to Lancaster, and was one of the founders of that place, a leading man and the largest landholder. He was one of the seven founders of the Congregational church of Champlain. Moore, of this village, Judge Hicks and Dan Beaumont, were both engaged in the war of the revolution, and a great-grand father, John Hicks, besides, while one of them was also in the war of 1812. Moores father and uncle were also in the war of 1812. Charity and Samuels children were: John Hicks (1787 March 21, 1810) Harriet Hicks (Oct. The incident shows the old-time reverence for law, and the example set by the justice of seventy-five years ago is worthy of imitation by his successors in office to-day. There are a large number of Bosworth names in the Glenwood Cemetery but none that match the names below. William (1832-1891, married 1862) and William Mead Lead (~1878-1883) may be descended from William. Royal was Pliny Moores son who eloped with a lady named Lucy (Curtis) Savage during the summer of 1818.

Addington Jabez Corbin was baptized on February 23, 1668, and later married Mary Morse in 1692. Charles Saillys gravestone is in the Glenwood Cemetery in Champlain.

She was born August 31, 1672, and was the daughter of Lieutenant Anthony and Mary (Barnard) Morse of Newbury, Massachusetts.

James Hosmer was born on October 23, 1660, in Concord, Massachusetts, and Elizabeth Sawyer was born on February 6, 1663, in Lancaster and died on January 15, 1745.

The following is written in the book James Hosmer, the father of Martha, was b.

-wife Joanna, Executrix, giving unto her all my lands and goods. He built a second house on the southern side of Thompson Hill. six children Child1 Child2 Child3 Child4 Child5 Child6 William Corbin (1802 1831) - died young Laura Matilda Corbin (1807 1850) married Dr. Averill, lawyer John Corbin attorney in Chicago Mary Tallmadge Corbin married Smith M. ] died in 1873 Josiah Tallmadge Corbin (1846 1932) not married Cornelia Schuyler Corbin not married Hannah Stetson Corbin (1851-1934) not married, lived in Champlain John Alpha Corbin (~1853 - July 15, 1862) died at age 9 Charles Hosmer Corbin (1856 - June 25, 1857) died at age 8 months On the same stone are the following inscriptions for the Josiah Corbin family, which is in the Glenwood Cemeter y in Champlain: West side of stone: Josiah Corbin Born April 23, 1791, Died July 20, 1873.

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