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The full English translation is now published here the first time, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. The book is not about the history of Nokia, nor a parting shot by former employees.We, the English translation team would like to express our warmest thanks towards journalists and authors Merina Salminen and Pekka Nykänen for their kind support and information dissemination spirit. It is a critical look at Nokia’s exit from the mobile device market, constructed from a neutral point of view using traditional journalistic methods. In just ten years, a small, multi-industry company transformed into one of the brightest stars in industrial history.

And when you read the Finnish book or our English translation, please do remember that the story hails from the year 2014, and our mission was to translate the original Finnish manuscript in English, not to rewrite it to reflect the context of year 2018 nor to reflect our personal opinions. What is strikingly evident is the affection of these former Nokians towards the company.

Based on her experience, Saarinen knew what she had to do.

First, she collected all available editors to work on the news.

On October 8, 2017, Joe Belfiore of Microsoft casually announced the death of Windows Phone. That date has been branded on the hearts of the Finns, equal to the loss of Estonia [2] and the September 11 attacks.

In a series of tweets he explained that Microsoft will continue to support the Windows Phone (and Windows 10 Mobile) platform but “building new features/hw aren’t the focus”. This book seeks answers to the questions left unanswered in the memoirs of the former Nokia chairman Jorma Ollila: Who was Stephen Elop and why was a Canadian outsider selected as the new CEO of Nokia?

Some former Nokians suggested crowdsourcing the English translation for the book in 2015 but the publishing agent’s contractual agreement was holding back any publication of an English version until 2017. Did the new Windows strategy convince its network provider [4] customers? What was the perception of Nokia in the eyes of its shareholders?

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