Legal issues with backdating stock options who is lumidee dating

Insufficient or nonexistent records, human errors in recalling past events and injudicious reliance on the observations of others can all lead to backdating that misrepresents.

A lawyer should be certain of the relevant facts before backdating a document.

31, 2009, but do not execute a contract formalizing their agreement until Jan.3, 2010, the contract may be dated as of Dec. This is simply the accurate memorialization of a past event, something that is essential to legal practice.

Drafting and executing a document after an event occurs, but in a manner that accurately reflects the date on which the event transpired, is a permissible form of backdating.

This is backdating that memorializes, something the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has recognized as a legitimate practice.

There are several reasons for this difficulty, including that ambiguous law might govern the time of an event and relevant facts may be uncertain.

Because they can create uncertainty regarding the date of an agreement, both present challenges for a lawyer considering backdating a document.

Misrepresentation versus memorialization Whether backdating a document is appropriate depends on the backdating’s “purpose and effect.” Backdating to perpetrate a fraud is obviously unethical and illegal.

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