Lez sex text chatline


Once you leave the lesbian chat, the room will close. If you see a different color on someone's nick, it means that person has CHOP status.

Please make sure, your description includes: 18 only If your lesbian chatroom has not been used for more than 150 days, it will be deleted. The operator can kick and ban users from the channel for breaking the SHOE Houserules. Every kick and ban needs to be reported by the CHOPs to the SHOE Team to prevent power trips by individual CHOPs.

It’s how close they sit to each other and allow their bodies to touch, those playful little experiments that lead to passion and then the grind that brings them close to orgasm.

Our lovely ladies are just waiting to share their secrets with you so pick up that phone and call our lesbian phone sex line now.

The overall say and power however has only the owners of org - Lesbian Online Community Please do not ask us to become a CHOP.

In order to do a good job, a SHOE CHOP is given added powers in order to kick/ban users.

m IRC (for Microsoft Windows) and Ircle (for Apple Macintosh) are external chat programs used to allow you to access the old free lesbian chat from the SHOE Lesbian community without login on through the SHOE Lesbian Community website.

The advantage was, that if the SHOE Lesbian Community website was down for maintenance, you were still be able to the lesbian chat through these external chat programs. For more information on m IRC and Ircle and how to install them, please click here: m IRC or Ircle Info.

If you are more into a mature lesbian chat, come and join our chat for older gay women.

We have the same rooms for german speaking lesbians. You can create rooms in spanish for instance or have a particular outdoor activity as the theme. Use your imagination of who you would like to chat with.

If you want to talk about general lesbian life make sure to pop in and say hi to everyone on the general talk chatchannel.

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