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m IRC (for Microsoft Windows) and Ircle (for Apple Macintosh) are external chat programs used to allow you to access the old free lesbian chat from the SHOE Lesbian community without login on through the SHOE Lesbian Community website.

The advantage was, that if the SHOE Lesbian Community website was down for maintenance, you were still be able to the lesbian chat through these external chat programs. For more information on m IRC and Ircle and how to install them, please click here: m IRC or Ircle Info.

They are as hot and steamy as any man and ultimately just as desperate to get their hands on each other.

Before tongues even come into play, you will love the way they play with their hair and the delicate way they exchange caresses.

As soon you can be off to start having cosy and interesting chats with lesbians from around the world. So that is why we have changed it to a web based one.

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Well you know what they say: girls just want to have fun, so call or text our lesbian sex chat numbers now because our girls are just waiting to have fun with you.

Within seconds our horny girls will be teasing the tension out of you with their lewd sex chat talk.

When our girls get together they like to experiment and usually it’s no men allowed, but with lesbian phone sex they don’t see why they shouldn’t have an audience, especially if you like to listen to the intimate details of these sexy seductresses.

They know you would like nothing better than to get in on the act and hear them pleasuring themselves.

They know you want to know all the saucy secrets of what they get up to when left to their own devices.

Welcome to the UK’s No.1 lesbian sex chat destination.

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