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Five: It is my believe that our early ancestors would have understood the connection between sexual intercourse and making babies.Men would have felt sexual urges all the time, daily I guess, and I am sure the same probably goes for most/many women too.The men would have hunted, the women would have raised the babies. Both males and females would have engaged in gathering fruits, roots, nuts, berries, insects and more.Both would have been involved in butchering, preparation, fire making and cooking. Our intelligence has helped us to understand that we can accomplish so much more if we work in a team.So for several months she couldn’t wrestle beasts to the ground or scale cliff faces, climb trees or sprint through the undergrowth.

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By default, these mothers could not go out hunting all day, they were needed at ‘camp’, or in convoy, with their babies.

In case all the scientists missed this vital point, the simple fact is, men are not very good at having babies.

The reality is, no matter how much we try, we just can’t seem to get pregnant. Most healthy women would have likely become pregnant every 3 years or so, and once she reached a certain stage in that pregnancy, her physical abilities would have been restricted.

If we didn’t interact and share a large social group (the tribe) we would interbreed to our own destruction, so by default, humans would have lived in sizeable tribes and there would have regularly been friendship and feud between tribal groups, competing for food, or camp location (hilltop, cave, riverside, etc.).

Four: Our ancient ancestors would have understood that the purpose of our existence, as much as any animal knows, is to reproduce, to survive, to eat, to stay alive and grow.

Just as a sports team today picks the big heavy guys to push in the scrum or fray and drop the opposition players, and the ball is passed to the fast runners to get it up the pitch, so caveman would have used different men of different abilities to best effect in a group hunt.

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