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She never stopped showing demonstrating terrier character at its best.Tail carriage just let her down a little, but a lovely bitch indeed overall.I was fortunate to have a strong group made up by excellent representatives of their breeds sent forward by the breed judges to whom go my thanks.After initial examination I shortlisted eight breeds for further consideration, all splendid examples of their breeds, & they were the WHWT, Border Terrier, Kerry Blue, Norfolk, Norwich, WFT, Sealyham & the Irish Terrier.To say that I had been looking forward to my appointment is an understatement & the experience proved to be as exciting as I had hoped.

I soon realized that I was out of my depth with 3 dogs, all of whom were much cleverer than me and had me brilliantly trained. I searched for a non-physical, kind and effective method of training which would take place in the home, since both Beau and Harvey were good at training classes but definitely not good at home!This is the reason why I joined Bark Busters and it has been such an eye opener to actually see life through a dog’s eyes and start communicating with them in a way that they understand.These days I understand them and they understand and obey me!His navy blue coat is of excellent texture, not seen as frequently as one would like.His powerful quarters & great terrier appeal demonstrated on the move gave him a credible third placing here, a very good dog indeed.Dogs aren’t born aggressive, they become aggressive for a myriad of reasons.

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