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"Three apps is really good, but if you have the downtime and you can afford to do five, go for it," she said.

"You got to take every action you possibly can to find true love," she said according to ET. Add a conversation starter to your bio Tinder's sociologist Dr.

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A dating profile is your chance to communicate what your life is like, and what it might be like to date you," explained Bradford. Use the word "Foodie" A study recently revealed that mentioning the word Foodie in your dating app profile resulted in 82 percent more incoming messages.But for the single folk (cough, like us), it's a dreaded holiday every year, permeated with cliche commercials, overdone candy and a night alone or spent with friends.Yet one dating app is trying to change that and bring some love to all the unattached peeps out there. Along with Cheap Caribbean, the dating app is hosting an epic Valentine's Day bash called "Paired Up for Paradise." People looking for love in both NYC and San Francisco can attend the singles party to meet with potential suitors.Jess Carbino reveals men don't really know how to spark a conversation with women.On that note, she suggests including a question in your bio that people can answer in the first message to get the convo rolling. Don't give up According to the New York Post, a study revealed that sending another message to a person you've matched with the second time increases chances of "sparking a conversation." Double texting is normally a red flag, but if you matched with them again, "the mutual attraction is there." 9.Sites like this continue to pop up because they are working.

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