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Powerpuff Oldand Zfan is an abridger, voice actor, sometimes a writer, & an editor.

He is the creator of Powerpuff Girls Z Abridged (PPGZA) & the Sonic Abridged OVA Movie On August 30, 2012, he became a member of the abridging team, Team AARU.

On March 8, 2004, ADV Films announced that it had acquired the license to the animated series.

The first DVD volume, also available with an artbox, was released on April 19, 2005 and concluded nearly a year later with volume 7.

Meanwhile, Rin Kamishiro and Kuriko Kazetsubaki are instructed by their families to meet Kazuki and obtain his genes, as they may create the most powerful magician in the world.

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In another effort to increase Kazuki's magic count, Kuriko and the girls search for a mysterious a blue magatama that could help Kazuki with his low magic problem.

During the chaos of the festival, Class B summons a beast that goes out of control, and Kazuki is left to save Yamase from it. The day begins when Kazuki encounters a young boy who has just stolen three necklaces from Yukihiko Nakamaru (who got them himself under questionable circumstances).

After Kazuki collapses while trying to protect the boy, the three girls attempt to find out the mystery behind the necklaces and the little boy while at the same time trying protect him from Nakamaru's revenge.

Kuriko lures Kazuki to a remote hot-springs spa that is supposed to increase a person's magic count, and Yuna, Rin and Elizabeth follow in hot pursuit.

As it turns out, the three girls and Kazuki must play and beat a baseball team from hell.

The three girls end up reminiscing about their previous times with Kazuki.

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