Massage therapy dating clients


When you work more on people who fit the image of your ideal massage client, you will feel energized and your work will most likely be at it’s best.When you work on less than your ideal massage client you will often feel drained and resentful and you won’t be doing your best work.

Oftentimes our exchanges leave him laughing so hard he has to pause the massage.

Learning to listen to clients is really one of the hardest things to do.

Most massage therapists also are challenged by their helping complex and find themselves wanting to be giving advice to clients.

Each situation will be different and can have a different answer.

Because massage clients come to massage therapists in a vulnerable state being in pain or under stress and also because they are in some state of undress under sheets lying on your massage table it creates a special dynamic called the therapeutic relationship.

It creates a sort of victim mentality and can interfere with healing or getting better.

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