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Their working relationship is now incredibly tight and strong because of what they went through. Their relationship is the strongest it's ever been.Karole Rocher beim César 2012 Nicolas Duvauchelle (2012) Braquo (abgeleitet von braquages, einer landessprachlichen Umschreibung für das Wort ) ist eine - von , von der zwischen 20 drei Staffeln produziert und ausgestrahlt wurden."Kalinda, in many ways, is just ripped from him and there is no proper goodbye," Czuchry tells about their "pinnacle moment," Cary's subsequent "trauma" and Sunday's big flashback.Read more TV Pilots 2015: The Complete Guide Was that your last scene together? Did you do anything special to mark that moment or did you say anything? You're just focused on the material and the work at hand; trying to do justice to that scene and that character arc specifically and certainly not trying to let anything else get in the way of that.You know so many things in life work that way where you want a proper goodbye and you don’t get it and that adds to the trauma that you have to work through.I think we saw that written all over Cary's face at the end of the episode; that he's been ripped of something.Kalinda knows that and in the episode, she saved Cary. Kalinda is a master at being able to protect people, find things out and disappear in the middle of the night.There's a strong chance that with Kalinda into the fog and leaving in the middle of the night, that a lot of those troubles go away too.

What do you think brought about that shift in their relationship?

From the beginning of the season in episode one, Cary's in prison and the first person who visits him is Kalinda.

Kalinda's not only there as a friend, she's there investigating the case and trying to help him get freed so she's there for him.

That dynamic doesn’t really quite come up here at the end of season six.

It's more about laying the groundwork for what's to come in season seven and certainly those questions will be answered then.

The unlikely duo have come a long way since then; graduating from colleagues to friends to lovers to whatever they were when Kalinda skipped town on Sunday's episode to escape the wrath of drug kingpin Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter).

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