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As Donnie explained it, “She dared to do what others wouldn’t do, and she helped save my life. it took somebody to be strong enough to say, “I don’t care how people take it.I’m going to help that boy.”” In high school Donnie’s peers referred to him as “the preacher,” because he preached to everyone.Andrae Crouch prayed with Donnie and laid hands on him seeking God’s blessings for the young man; to give Donnie what God had given Andrae.Donnie says that his ear was opened in a new way that day so that he was able to pick out notes and music clearer. This time the perpetrator was an older teenager; the son of his uncle who had raped him five years earlier. Donnie Mc Clurkin is the pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, New York, a singer, a musician, songwriter, choir director, author, actor, and a radio host. General Information as of 2010: Donnie Mc Clurkin websites: and She taught him how to hold a microphone in a more masculine way, to put bass in his voice, and sing praises to his God in a manly way.The men his church did not step up and fill that need.

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That was the day Donnie’s world went from the best of times to the worst of times.

Looking back at that night Donnie said in the documentary, “The seed of perversion was planted through that molestation. An eight year old can’t handle it, and it sparks something in an eight year old that’s not supposed to spark until puberty. Things start popping in an eight year old mind that doesn’t happen in normal eight year old minds, because the Pandora’s Box was opened, and you can’t close it after that.” Donnie’s mother went into deep depression.

Sometimes she would tell Donnie, “You killed my baby.

Personal Testimony: Donnie Mc Clurkin was one of ten children in a relatively poor family from Amityville, New York.

Donnie’s mother sang in the church choir and Donnie sang his first solo in church at the age of 3.

For years Donnie would keep these secrets to himself.

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