Michael del zotto dating updating my wardrobe

Michael Del Zotto plays hockey, but one porn star says he spends more time playing the field.

Sunday morning, adult film star Lisa Ann called out the Philadelphia Flyers defenseman to her 750,000 Twitter followers, complaining of Del Zotto’s constant pestering of Ann via text for her to arrange dates and rendezvous with other women.

Allegedly, Del Zotto asked to be set up with friends of said “actress” in cities he and his team were traveling to.

The allegations include Del Zotto being asked to stop on multiple occasions, as well as being threatened with the consequences that we’ve now seen. On a day that his Flyers were not even playing, Del Zotto’s name was trending on Twitter for a good portion of the day (Sunday).

Especially when your name is being dragged through the mud for the whole world to see.

After all, there are laws pertaining to harassment in place these days.

Any chance you have met a sweetheart for me to actually hang out with.” Ann’s storytelling may have stopped there, but then Del Zotto apparently blocked her on Twitter. so about a year goes by and we don't talk..” she said.

“HA HA HA I have been #Blocked @Michael Del Zotto Blocked me.. “We reconnect and start talking and we get right back to this before we even had another date our selves..

The first week of November didn’t exactly start out the way Flyers defenseman Michael Del Zotto would have liked it to. Add in a hellacious set of events that could demolish a reputation, and you’ll have an idea of what it’s like to be wearing Del Zotto’s shoes.

The 24-year-old’s Flyers had just been swept by the state of Florida, and he was more than likely experiencing a bad hair day. As hundreds of thousands awoke to tinker with their fantasy football lineups on Sunday morning, they were greeted with a bombshell.

The adult films star, recently making headlines for possibly scoring with another athlete, turned her rage — and 749,000 followers — toward Del Zotto, a former Ranger.

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