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The exact categories are under 0,000, right up to 0 Million .

I really like that they screen everyone, no fake profiles.I've read a lot of reviews claiming this idiot matchmaker likes to single out rich men and set them up with gold diggers.I watched one episode and was disgusted and appalled by this moron's attitude. Which also means don't keep them waiting while you're doing your hair and makeup! Thou Shall Break the Text Habit You're not in high school, so stop passing notes. Remember, a woman falls in love between her ears, not her eyes! Most men want their women to be refined and courteous. Thou Shall Return Calls in a Timely Manner Always return a potential love interest's call within 48 hours during the week (72 hours over the weekend). I don't care if it's George Clooney calling at the last minute—keep your plans! If he's shy, invite him to a party—but then let him request the true first date from you! You do not want your guy picturing you having sex with someone else.

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