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If you are researching live chat vendors, make sure to ask what consumer data is included to help you understand your shopper’s wants and needs!Do NOT write like this in a mobile chat conversation, or any chat conversation.Here are 3 simple ways you can get to the point faster during mobile conversations: Avoid complex sentence structure. Instead of sentences like: “As we have a variety of tire replacement options at the dealership, I would like to know if there was a particular tire brand you’re partial to, or if you have no particular preference we could go from there as well.” Try this: “We have tires replacements to fit most vehicles here! ” Formulate a response as the shopper is responding.

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If you're not entirely satisfied, please call us on 03 to talk about it.For advice on getting your phone repaired or fixing an issue yourself, you can check our support pages.To check if you have insurance, cancel your policy, make a claim, or anything else: If your phone is lost, stolen or deliberately damaged, call us as soon as possible on 03 or 44 7782 333 333 from abroad.If you’ve bought insurance from us after 2014, you need to use Three Rescue to make a claim, cancel your policy and everything else. If you bought insurance from us before 2014, you'll be covered by our previous insurance partner, LSG.You can find all you need to know about your insurance below.We'll bar your SIM card (where applicable), which will block any further call or data charges that you aren't covered for.

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