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The beauty of self-updating is that it lets you configure your failover cluster to be on “auto pilot” in terms of patching, and once set up, the cluster updates itself on the schedule you have defined in a way that it causes either no impact to service availability, or the least possible – depending on the types of workloads (e.g.Hyper-V cluster updating experience would be truly continuously available with Live Migration, with zero down time to Hyper-V VM users).As failover clusters are all about high availability of services hosted on the cluster, one would almost never patch all cluster nodes at the same time.So patching a failover cluster usually meant a fair number of manual steps, scripting/tools, and juggling administrator’s attention across a number of clusters to successly update them all during a short monthly maintenance window.In previous releases of Windows, the server updating tools (e.g.WSUS) did not factor in the fact that a group of servers could be members of a highly-available cluster.You would simply configure the updating schedule and let CAU update the cluster 2.

If you plan to run CAU from a computer different from the cluster nodes, that is still easy!At some point during the 8.1 upgrade process, you’ll have been ask to first provide your machine account password (to prove you are the machine owner and therefor authorized to perform the upgrade): Then, you’ll be asked to provide a Microsoft account: Nowhere does it state that this is optional. What happens more often is that people enter in their Microsoft account credentials not realizing the implications referred to in “the fine print” later on.That implication is that when the upgrade is completed, you’ll now need to login to your computer using your instead of your machine account as you had previously.You can then have CAU “connect” to any failover cluster using appropriate administration credentials, and update the cluster on demand For an overview of the scenario, check out the CAU Scenario Overview.For this blog post, I will focus on the first mode above: Self-Updating.After updating Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, many users find that they must now login to their machines using their Microsoft account.

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