Mvn error updating group repository metadata

Therefore, you will only be able to modify the On the other hand, if your profiles can be reasonably specified inside the POM, you have many more options.The trade-off, of course, is that you can only modify that project and it's sub-modules.Under certain conditions, plugins may need to be configured with local filesystem paths.Under other circumstances, a slightly different dependency set will be required, and the project's artifact name may need to be adjusted slightly.We've even gone so far as to highlight circumstances where profiles are likely to break project portability.However, it's worth reiterating those points as part of a more coherent discussion about some pitfalls to avoid when using profiles.

The other, more subtle area is the incomplete specification of a natural set of profiles.Profiles are specified using a subset of the elements available in the POM itself (plus one extra section), and are triggered in any of a variety of ways.They modify the POM at build time, and are meant to be used in complementary sets to give equivalent-but-different parameters for a set of target environments (providing, for example, the path of the appserver root in the development, testing, and production environments).Note that too many files to configure is very confusing and very hard to maintain.Bottom line is that since this is build data, it should be in the POM."1.4.0_08", "1.4.2_07", "1.4"): This profile will automatically be active for all builds unless another profile in the same POM is activated using one of the previously described methods.

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