My best friends dating guy like Egypt sax mopil

It's no secret that ladies can be pretty catty, especially when it comes to competing for male attention.Though women mutually provide companionship and emotional support, they can also play dirty. One study, for example, found that women will make derogatory comments about their rivals in mating, and will resort to manipulation to gain an advantage.The researchers decided to put this question to the test.

Gay male participants were asked to look at fake profiles belonging to lesbians, gay men, or straight women.

In less accepting times, straight women who enjoyed the company of gay men were called “fag hags.” These days, being a “fruit fly” is like wearing a badge of honor.

Now, research reveals why the bond between them is so special.

Moreover, one-sided sexual interest between these friends can also arise, making for a potentially uncomfortable situation.

Conversely, Russell and his colleagues argue that the friendships between straight women and gay men are free of such complications.

Since they aren't competing for the same men and they aren't attracted to each other, they have the space to develop a deeper level of honesty and trust between them.

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