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Disappointed, Dick told his grandmother this story.

“Go for your dreams”, she told her grandson and handed him 0 of her own savings.

In 1948, Richard, “Dick” Stack was working for an army surplus store.

The owner asked young 18-year-old Dick if he had any ideas for other items that they could add to their inventory.

Dick said that the thought fishing supplies (bait and tackle) would sell well.

The store owner laughed and said that Dick would never be a merchant.

I guess you guys really are Dicks in a multitude of ways!

Reply First both my wife and I want to thank you for taking the stand on not selling guns that are not needed for hunting.

The company had done this previously 2012 but claims it will not reverse its stance on the issue this time around.Dick Stack retired in 1984 and his son Eddie, the current CEO, took over the business.Edward Stack has served as chairman and chief executive officer of his father’s company since 1984, having started with the company full-time in 1977, and gradually working his way up in a variety of positions, including store clerk, merchandise manager, store manager and president. They began opening more stores across Upstate New York in the 1990s.I DO NOT agree with this policy nor the planned stunt and Dog and Pony show.I feel that the Dicks Corporation has become a whore to the liberal agenda leading to gun control.When Dicks heard of the this they removed the pistols from the self…

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