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Pimping is a crime with penalties ranging from two to seven years in prison.Advertising prostitution in the media is punished with a fine.Prostitution is legal, but related activities, such as operating brothels, knowingly spreading sexually transmitted diseases, or trafficking in women for the purpose of sexual exploitation, are prohibited.

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It is illegal to solicit or advertise or own a brothel.

In all other areas, a brothel must not be within 100 metres of a dwelling or 200 metres of a church, hospital, school, kindergarten, children’s services centre or any other facility frequented by children.there were private brothels in urban areas, and women engaged in prostitution independently in high-traffic and tourist areas around Lake Tanganyika.

While police did not aggressively attempt to curb prostitution, there was no reliable evidence that they participated in or profited from the sex tradebut the law prohibits pimping; operating, being found in, or working in a brothel; and communicating in a public place for the purpose of engaging in prostitution.

Selling sexual services is legal, but the purchase of sexual services and procurement are illegal.

In recent years, the government has sought to curb prostitution by focusing on the demand rather than the supply and by arresting clients rather than prostitutes.

Sex tourism existed throughout the countryhowever, in April the parliament passed legislation criminalizing the buying of sexual services.

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