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“Daddy Don’t Go” should sear the nation’s conscience.” From National Fatherhood Initiative Blog, April 13, 2017 “Daddy Don’t Go” is a tough but tender journey that aims to illuminate the everyday struggles of disadvantaged fathers.

Alex, Nelson, Roy and Omar shatter the deadbeat dad stereotype and redefine what it means to be a good father for all men.

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Register for this webinar to learn how to build collaborative school partnerships, incentivize student recruitment and retention, deliver effective educational strategies, engage parents, and build a sustainable approach. Census, one in three children in America grow up without a father, placing them at a significantly higher risk to live in poverty, do poorly in school and run afoul of the criminal justice system.

Esteemed sociologist/NYT bestselling author Kathryn Edin recently said about the film: “Every American must see this film.

Why is it so heartbreakingly hard—even impossible—to be a decent dad in America if you’re poor?

Presenter: Emily Abt, Producer/Director, Pureland Pictures To view movie trailer for ” Daddy Don’t Go” go to this link: Daddy Don’t Go References (pdf) Size: 32.8 KB Downloads: 37 Daddy Don’t Go Discussion Questions (pdf) Size: 22.9 KB Downloads: 36 Daddy Don’t Go Resource List Size: 191.3 KB Downloads: 19 February 2018 Webinar Slides Size: 68.3 MB Downloads: 24 A record 55 percent of Millennial parents (ages 28-34) have put childbearing before marriage, according to a new analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Panel data by the American Enterprise Institute and the Institute for Family Studies.

The rise of nontraditional routes into parenthood among Millennials is one indicator that today’s young adults are taking increasingly divergent paths toward adulthood, including family formation. Wilcox and others shows that the success sequence works even for young adults today.

Preliminary results suggest the program is reaching its goal.

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