Not updating crosses branches


Players with any of the Gorajan trailblazer outfit sets will not slide across the ice and can simply run to each tile.

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The first (and recommended) method is to pickpocket the guards for the keys to unlock the doors in the room, taking care not to run over the tiles and making noise. The brutes must be killed for them to drop the key.Make sure to copy the opposite side of the room with stationary statues and not the opposite side with movable statues.You must copy the northern statue pattern with the southern pattern exactly.If you are spotted, you will receive damage and be teleported behind one of the stone walls.The method to get around this room is to "subdue" the Seeker spawn when they are facing away from you, with the Seeker sentinel facing away from you too.The teleportation has proven useful for progressing through the puzzle, as you are sometimes teleported next to the door.

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