Obama lady gaga intimidating

In this hilarious new mash-up from You Tube,baracksdubs takes official Whitehouse video and mashes it up to Lady Ga Ga’s ‘gay anthem’ Born This Way.The video starts off with Obama joking at a event by the LGBT rights group Human Rights Campaign about having talks with “your leader” – Lady Ga Ga.Tom Hanks and Sting joined Lily Tomlin, singer Al Green and ballerina Patricia Mc Bride in being awarded this year's Kennedy Center Honors.

Gaga dedicated a version of her song “Hair” to Jamey Rodemeyer, who was the little monster that committed suicide after being bullied online for more than a year. I’ve never been to her shows but I’ve watched and seen almost all her performances; like I said I’m obsessed.Gaga inspires others not only to be creative but to take their art seriously.Who remembers the meat dress from 2010 when the media freaked out about it?Obama actually has met with Ga Ga to discuss bullying.An actor hailed as America's "favorite son" and a musical genius from a British shipyard town who rose to make his mark won this nation's highest honors Sunday for influencing American culture through the arts.She wore the meat dress not to be interpreted as a message against animal rights, but the real reason was her protest against the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and was a statement against the government's restrictions on the rights of gay soldiers in the military. Trend it #Make ALaw For Jamey.”There are so much more reasons that I love and admire Lady Gaga.

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