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There’s a certain amount of have confidence in which we should make investments into any connection, whether or not it grows in an online dating internet site or conversation space, or lower at O’Malley’s Pub after the street.Economist Peter Backus joins me in this episode to discuss a few interesting topics.One partner prefers football games while the other partner prefers to attend the opera. Many happy couples successfully brought together via online dating websites show us that data science can help you find love.Yet, each person would rather be at their non-preferred location so long as they are still with their spouse. I'm joined this week by Thomas Levi, Senior Data Scientist at Plenty of Fish, to discuss some of his work which helps people find one another as efficiently as possible.We discuss how a wine manufacturer might apply a t-test to determine if the sweetness, acidity, or some other property of two separate grape vines might differ in a statistically meaningful way.This week I'm joined by Karl Mamer to discuss the data behind three well known urban legends.

Matthew Russell's Mining the Social Web is a fantastic exploration of the tools and methods, and we explore a few related topics.

= NP question, which is paramount to the trustworthiness RSA encryption.

Jeff Stanton joins me in this episode to discuss his book An Introduction to Data Science, and some of the unique challenges and issues faced by someone doing applied data science.

Did a large blackout in New York and surrounding areas result in a baby boom nine months later? Is placing beer alongside diapers a recipe for generating more revenue than these products in separate locations? A discussion about getting ready in the morning, negotiating a used car purchase, and selecting the best Air Bn B place to stay at help frame a conversation about the decision theoretic principal known as the Value of Information equation.

In this bonus episode, guest Louis Zocchi discusses his background in the gaming industry, specifically, how he became a manufacturer of dice designed to produce statistically uniform outcomes.

Economist Peter Backus put forward "The Girlfriend Equation" while working on his Ph D - a probabilistic model attempting to estimate the likelihood of him finding a girlfriend.

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